Standing Up For America

Mo’s vent

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We have all seen it, a corrupt President Biden, in failing health. That being the obvious case, who is pushing all the garbage our way. A glaring example is the digital dollar. All electric vehicles without a developed infrastructure to support it. And the hidden disaster, a world government. Did some idiot forget why our America, “the shining island in the world”, become established. The collective wisdom of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and HANCOCK, has been forgotten.  A hypocrite named Kerry is flying all over the world in an energy-sucking jet, telling us to shrink our “carbon footprint.”  Who gave him all that power?  All the selfish, stupid people with un-American ideas and a driven agenda, 

that is who.

This President has been uncovered as corrupt using his elected offices to enrich himself and his family.. His appointees are NOT your everyday citizens.  A corrupt FBI and weaken military.

Men in dresses show up on your television. You get the picture.