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Moses Vents !

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In January, The Western Journal published a story by Michael Landry about his past experience providing gas on a Sunday in a remote area. He could find none, but his little Volkswagen bug made it home on fumes. The Powers that be are planning an electric culture. The current infrastructure is not developed sufficiently to meet those modern demands! Landry cites the potential for a man driving a Hummer wanting to charge his electric Hummer, but citing it would take considerable amount of time to charge that energy demanding auto!

That is the new problem looming EV drives. How long to charge and how much will it cost (If govt will allow charging at all) to charge your vehicles?

In California where Electricity is at a premium, will you be allowed to charge, the State of California is already forbidding use of electricity for air conditioning. Wind mills and Solar cells WILL NOT MEET TODAY’S DEMANDS!

(I am seeing now I have too much time on my hands…..worrying about things I’ll never have to deal with. God Bless You!)