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My political Juggernaut 

So here’s what happens on any given day as I try to make sense of it all……

I have recently found myself in a semantics dilemma. A “War of Words” you might say. 

Here’s how it typically plays out: While discussing our number one problem facing the electorate in Charleston, I find myself often labeling the “homeless” population any number of names or descriptions or identifiers…… all the while trying NOT to be offensive, but in reality I’m as guilty as the next guy of being offensive!

Because it doesn’t work!

You can’t talk about the Homeless without being offensive. 

After all, THEY are people. Fellow human beings. However screwed-up they are….. they’re still part of the human race, and if you try to describe them, you can’t do it without using an offensive term. 

So let’s get past that!

THESE PEOPLE are still a problem in a civilized society, whether it’s Charleston or the next city down the road. They are unsavory and therefore by definition are morally offensive, and until we can get past that, until we can label the problem what it is, we can never discuss the problem, much less solve it. 

There it is….. I’ve said it. 

And because I’ve said it I’m now labeled by the righteous, indignant, leftest ideologue as any number of equally descriptive, offensive nouns…..such as bigot…. or intolerant jerk ….. or hateful Nazi. 

Tit-for-tat will ya. 

It’s all so silly….. and really doesn’t get us anywhere with regard to solutions. 

This societal problem of “homelessness” NEEDS a solution. 

It is simply NOT acceptable behavior. 

The vast majority of “normal” people are sick of it and don’t want to continue to see it day-in and day-out on our city streets. 

It’s morally reprehensible and it’s grown into this social dogma that has further polarized us as a traditionally tolerant society. 

Here’s an oxymoron…. The care for the “homeless”  (the feeding and lodging programs) is predominantly accomplished by faith based organizations (churches or religious sanctioned shelters), and yet it’s the faith based parishioners that have HAD ENOUGH. Privately they are the complainers. Those hard-working, middle-class, God-fearing Americans who are sick and tired of criminal vagrants, drug addicts, alcoholics, and mentally unstable people wandering our streets and gaming the system. And more importantly they are sick and tired of liberal progressive politicians coddling and enabling the homeless population with social programs that do nothing but perpetuate the problem with no apparent end in sight. Low-barrier housing Pods, drug-free zones where addicts can get high free of prosecution from law enforcement personnel, and needle exchange programs so we can stop the spread of HIV and Hep-C. 

Hey, here’s a novel idea: STOP GETTING HIGH! STOP GETTING DRUNK!

Go into a Government Paid rehabilitation program, get well, get a job, contribute to society, and try to lead a responsible lifestyle. 

I hear it every day as I canvas a neighborhood for information from potential voters concerning their particular issues or concerns. The number ONE question that voters have, 100 % of the time is, “What are YOU going to do about the homeless problem ”? 

Where are the “job programs” or “employment programs” that we hear about, intended to help get theses people off of the streets and get them help with a meaningful opportunity for inclusion back into a productive society? 

It seems as though we’ve tried every social program under the sun but where are the success stories?

How come this problem keeps getting worse? Charleston’s homeless population keeps growing. Oh, it has moments of clarity when an organized event takes center stage on the levee (like Regatta) and the homeless population mysteriously disappears. 

But what about now…. What about August 3rd, 2022?

They’re everywhere, arriving by the bus load, literally!

Here’s the answer: Stop making them comfortable!

It’s that simple, but yet also that difficult. We, the citizens of Charleston, have to take our city back. We must have a “tough-love” attitude towards a meaningful solution to this crisis. We can no longer be soft on crime. We have got to hold people accountable for their actions. We have laws and we must enforce them. Shoplifting is rampant and who do you think is the culprit responsible for this crime wave?  Exactly…. It’s the HOMELESS criminal vagrant. 

This is a public safety and public health CRISIS. We can no longer stand on the sidelines and hope that the problem doesn’t come to our neighborhood. It’s here! It’s center stage!

It’s crunch time Charleston!

What kind of a city do we want to live in 4-years from now?

This can’t continue!

Our problems are many and our time is short but one thing is certain in these difficult times, we can’t invite businesses back and improve our economic base if we can’t first clean-up our city. That’s not just an opinion. That’s a FACT!

Help me change our direction. Help me stop the madness. 

Vote for Common Sense in November. Elect Lance Wolfe for Mayor, City of Charleston.