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NBC is about to chuck Todd

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NBC is about to chuck Todd

Liberal media reports have NBC canning Chuck Todd as host of Meet the Press. His ratings tanked and his fellow liberals mock him weekly because he dares have an occasional Republican on the show.The Daily Beast reported, “John Reiss, who had been the show’s executive producer for the last eight years, was officially punted over to the NBC News Now streaming service, and David P. Gelles, a long-time CNN producer who helped develop the now-defunct CNN+ streamer, was parachuted in to help fix the sinking show, which is down 21% in total viewership and 24% in the key advertising demographic compared to last year—more than any of the other Sunday politics shows.”

Reiss took over the show when Todd joined it.

Maybe the midterm elections will save him from being Brian Steltered.

I doubt it.

Media-ite reported, “NBC News White House Correspondent Kristen Welker is rumored to be a possible replacement on Meet the Press, which is the longest-running television show, having debuted in 1947.”

Every straight white boy should know by now that if they have a woman, gay or non-white waiting in the wings, the end is near. Nothing personal. It’s just business. TV executives believe they have to diversify their audiences — while streaming services swallow up those audiences.

Todd is pretty awful. On the Stelter scale of awful, with the potato head being a 10, Todd is a 9.

At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year, speaker Trevor Noah asked him, “How are you doing? I’d ask a follow-up, but I know you don’t know what those are.”

Being awful does not cost you a job in TV. The View is still on the air, isn’t it? Ratings matter. His stink.

The Hollywood Reporter was oblivious to Todd’s fate in reporting Gelles replacing Reiss.

THR quoted Todd who said, “David intuitively understands the core of what we do at Meet the Press, which is not to simply put on a good show every Sunday. It’s to put on a show that gets to the crux of our political reality and unpacks its relevance on our viewers’ lives in a way that nobody else can.”

But three other networks (ABC, CBS and Fox) can do it better and draw bigger audiences.

Maybe Todd can team up with Stelter and land a show on NewsMax.

They can call it Meet the Ferret and the Potato. No? How about Reliable Dunces instead?

Posted by Don Surber at 8/30/2022 11:00:00 AM