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Never Trumper discovers Biden sucks

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Never Trumper discovers Biden sucks
It still doesn’t bother him


Rich Lowry, best known as the editor who put together that awful Against Trump issue of National Review, was blessed by the New York Post’s copy desk with a wonderful headline o’er his latest offering: “Joe Biden’s biggest problem is that his presidency is an utter failure.”

In the column, Lowry said, “Other than that, it’s going great.”

His column reminded me of one of my favorite lines ever in a movie. Some Like It Hot ends with Joe E. Brown’s character asking Jack Lemmon’s character (in drag) to marry him. Lemmon gives all sorts of excuses not to marry and Brown dismisses each one. Finally, exasperated, Lemmon says, “I’m a man.”

Brown says, “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

FJB has spent the first three years of his presidency saying, “I’m a corrupt communist who wipes his butt on the Constitution.”

Lowry’s response is “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

The column was not an erudite review of FJB’s policy failures.

Lowry did not mention that FJB surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorist group, leaving behind $8 billion in military gear and weapons as tribute. The Taliban killed 13 U.S. soldiers because Milley and the rest care not about the men and women in uniform. When FJB reviewed their bodies, he looked at his watch several times and made sure everybody saw it. What a nasty man.

Likewise, Lowry did not mention FJB defying the Supreme Court, the Constitution and basic finance by writing off billions in student loans. National Review once winced at welfare. No longer because there is a greater enemy: Orange Man.

Also, Lowry did not mention immigration, in which FJB is ignoring federal law and aiding and abetting the invasion of millions of military age men from foreign countries. America is now a refuge for gangbangers from Central America.

Lowry did briefly mention inflation (turns out it is too high) but he ignored the cause of that inflation: Bidenomics which is the borrowing of money to keep the appearance of a healthy economy. This allows FJB to increase the size of the government. National Review once told us such things are evil. Now mean tweets are.

So what did Lowry mention?

Poll numbers.

Lowry’s column is a derivative of the Democrat narrative that everything is going swimmingly, it is just that the public perception is bad because the media is so biased against Poor Old Joe.

They really think you will believe that.

He focused on poll numbers, not policy. Our friend N8 Ag (Nate Silver) need not fear the competition.

Lowry wrote, “No incumbent president should ever want to be near 43% in a head-to-head ballot test.

“Yet here is Joe Biden at 43% in the latest CNN poll, 43% in the latest Morning Consult poll, 43% in the latest Economist/YouGov poll and 43% in the latest Harvard/Harris poll.”

Well, no incumbent should ever want to be near losing a proxy war against Russia but whoomp, there he is.

Lowry’s explanation for Biden’s low polling numbers is “An incumbent president’s level of support in a re-election bid is typically tethered closely to his job approval.”

What a great insight from the heir chosen by William F. Buckley Jr. himself to carry on WFB’s legacy.

Lowry has hope. It is spelled ad hominem attacks. He wrote, “Trump’s history and personal radioactivity give Biden a lot of material to work with.”

Translation: Gimme that water, Joe. I am ready to carry.

Unfortunately, the well is dry as a bone for FJB. Lowry said, “The problem for Biden is that many of the attacks on Trump — especially those based on his legal prosecutions — feel besides the point compared to the bigger questions in the race.

“Are more people going to care that Trump has been convicted of felonious bookkeeping related to a payment to a porn star eight years ago — or that they think he can do a better job handling inflation?”

Felonious bookkeeping? The public knows they are not even misdemeanors. And I noticed, Lowry didn’t mention that Mar-a-Lago case. It cratered.

Ad hominem attacks are all they have because people have seen that four years of Donald Trump as president were better than any we have had since Reagan left Washington. Nevertheless, the Never Trumpers keep pounding that Mean Tweets drum.

Former Georgia lieutenant governor Geoff Duncan drew some attention in a column published in the Atlanta newspaper, “Why I’m voting for Biden and other Republicans should, too. Donald Trump has disqualified himself through his conduct and his character.”

The column urges us to vote for the corrupt, child-sniffing Biden.

Duncan whines, “The alternative is another term of Trump, a man who has disqualified himself through his conduct and his character. The headlines are ablaze with his hush-money trial over allegations of improper record-keeping for payments to conceal an affair with an adult-film star.”

Yes, how dare he get indicted for paying the extortion money to a horse-faced whore!

When Duncan was running for office, he posted a picture of him and President Trump on Facebook on June 14, 2019, saying: “Happy birthday, President Trump! In Georgia, we’re thankful for your friendship and leadership. We look forward to having you back to the Peach State soon!”

Yes, Mister Duncan, lecture me on conduct and character. Loyalty, too.

(By the way, the Georgia elections board is reviewing whether Fulton County — Atlanta — double-counted votes in 2020.)

I wonder who is paying Duncan to dunk on Trump now. Or maybe Fani Willis has some dirt on him. Whatever his reason for turning on Trump, his resistance is futile. Entertaining, yes, but also a waste of time.

The Never Trump dream of defeating him and regaining control over the party is over. They had their run from post-Reagan to Trump. Whatever comes after Trump will not be determined by them but by the circumstances and whether we get our constitutional republic back.

Lowry knows the Never Trump cause is lost just as J.D. Hammersley, publisher of the Richmond Daily Dispatch, knew the Confederate cause was lost in 1864. And just like Hammersley and Rick Astley, Lowry is never gonna give it up.

His column ended, “The most direct way for Joe Biden to improve his chances in November would be to become a good president — although it’s unfair to place such unrealistic expectations on him at this juncture in his presidency and career.”

No. The unrealistic expectation is that FJB will give up his life of crime and communism that has propelled him from a public defender who graduated 76th in his class of 85 law students to the Oval Office. It took him 50 years. Along the way, he raked in millions and built a mansion. The man is a legendary 10-0 in general elections, winning seven Senate races, two veeps, and one presidential. That is a Hall of Fame record worthy of Klansman Bobby Byrd.

Lowry’s failure to examine Biden’s actual failures did a disservice to readers. I live in a show-don’t-tell world. “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ― Anton Chekhov.

But Lowry cannot show because that would require him to see. It is much easier to just say the policy is bad because people don’t like it than it is to examine how bad those policies.

And those policies that I have shown are bad because they do the opposite of what Trump did. And we got those policies because we got rid of Trump — which was Lowry’s wish, was it not?

FJB is a failure. So is Lowry, whose opposition to Trump continues today because men (including me) would rather live in hell than ever admit they are wrong. Joe E. Brown’s character made that very plain that men will accept anything but the blame.

Nobody’s perfect?

Oh, I believe the Never Trumpers defy that rule because they now are perfect fools.

Who really runs the White House?
Valerie Jarrett