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NYT: Biden Is In Over His Head

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Thursday, March 03, 2022

NYT: Biden Is In Over His Head

Frank Bruni of the New York Times tried to help Biden out today. Bruni only made things worse in a column headlined, “Biden’s Biggest Nightmare Is One He Didn’t See Coming.”Bruni admitted Biden was ill-prepared for the presidency. By publishing the column, NYT admitted it by proxy.

And for once, both are correct.

The column began, “As Joe Biden campaigned for the White House in 2020, he knew that the next president of the United States would govern under circumstances significantly more daunting than those that most faced.

“As he took the oath of office in 2021, he could see very clearly — in the tally of Covid-related deaths, in the economic and social devastation of the pandemic, in the country’s vicious partisanship — the immense scope and immeasurable difficulty of the work ahead.

“But he surely never expected this.

“Never expected war in Europe. Never expected a confrontation with Vladimir Putin of such urgency and unpredictable proportions. Never expected that his stack of challenges would grow this much taller, in this particularly terrifying way.”

How can you not anticipate a war with Putin?

He has nukes. He’s KGB. He wants to put the old Soviet empire back together again.

For Pete’s sake, Biden was vice president when Putin took Crimea.

You can be darned sure, Donald John Trump was fully prepared for such a crisis. Why do you think he leaned on NATO allies to up their military spending?

Preparation led to peace. Putin knew better than to invade a neighbor because he knew President Trump would level Moscow and St. Petersburg. And Trump knew better than to expand NATO and spook Putin.

Biden on the other hand stiffed NATO on Afghanistan, abruptly surrendering the nation to the Taliban after 20 years of sacrifices by not only American soldiers but troops from around the globe.

Bruni’s column quoted columns from other NYT writers. Peter Baker wrote, “No president had delivered his State of the Union address with such a large-scale and consequential land war underway in Europe since 1945.”

In the 1990s, Bush 41 and Clinton gave SOTUs during a succession of wars: the war in Slovenia, the war in Croatia, the war in Bosnia and the war in Kosovo.

Prepare for war and pray for peace.

Biden prepares for naps and prays for ice cream.

Via Kane at Citizen Free Press, a brief explanation of where we are now and why. A no-fly zone is an act of war. I wish someone would stop Biden for pursuing one.

Posted by Don Surber at 3/03/2022 03:00:00 PM