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Omicron may cure covid

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Omicron may cure covid

The hysteria over the omicron variant of covid 19 is unwarranted and sadly not unprecedented as politicians keep using covid to expand their power. Health directors have become technocratic tyrants.

Let’s get real.

Alec Baldwin has killed more people than omicron has.Slate reported, “Omicron continues to spread across the United States, and around the world, as scientists try to pin down how fast it spreads and how much of a threat it poses compared to other strains of the virus . As of Saturday morning, omicron cases had been reported in 12 U.S. states, pretty much all of which were among people who had traveled to South Africa recently. None of the cases so far in the U.S. have resulted in serious illness; and the World Health Organization has said that no omicron cases, which have been detected in at least 38 countries, have resulted in death.”

No deaths.

No serious illnesses.

This isn’t a disease. This is a bad cold. And this may be a cure.

Scott Adams tweeted this morning, “Should we figure out if Omicron is so mild it acts as a natural vaccine before rolling out a vaccine to stop the vaccine?”