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Patrick Morrisey Campaign Received Over $50,000 from Pro-Abortion Lobbyist.

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Patrick Morrisey Campaign Received Over $50,000 from Wife’s Lobbying Partners including Pro-Abortion Lobbyist.

Published 10 months ago 

on May 26, 2023

By Ron Gregory

Patrick Morrisey received more than 50,000 dollars from

In an earlier article this week we reported that Patrick Morrisey’s wife, Denise Henry Morrisey’s Washington D.C., lobbying firm Capitol Counsel had received millions of dollars from pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood and the anti-2nd Amendment group Giffords. WV Statewide News was contacted by a donor to Patrick Morrisey, the founder of Capitol Counsel, Mr. John Raffaelli who provided us with a statement and asked that we correct the record to reflect his suggestions that Mrs. Morrisey only receives compensation from clients she works on directly. However, our research shows that this is an ongoing issue that first was discovered by the Charleston Gazette-Mail in 2017. The Gazette-Mail noted the amount paid by Planned Parenthood to Morrisey’s firm was approximately $460,000 then, now it is over $2 million dollars. Additionally, Patrick Morrisey’s own financial disclosures have shown that Mrs. Morrisey receives not only her salary but “Partnership Distributions” from her role as a founding partner of Capitol Counsel.

While the Morrisey campaign insisted there were no direct ties to the Planned Parenthood organization, a simple search at uncovered direct contributions from Planned Parenthood / Capitol Counsel lobbyist Shannon Finley to Patrick Morrisey’s campaign.