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Support for transgenders falls

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Support for transgenders falls

A poll by Public Religion Research Institute, a lefty lobbying group, found that Lia Thomas has had an impact on how Americans view allowing transgenders competing with women athletes.

Americans don’t like it. PRRI’s polled found that Will Thomas changing his name to Lia and winning all the women’s swimming trophies turned people off.

Four years ago, 50% supported allowing men who say they are women competing in women’s sports.

Now that Americans have seen this firsthand, only 36% do.

In fact, a 61% majority of Americans oppose letting men who say they are women to compete in women’s sports.

Hey, in a democracy, you have to ban it, right?

And banning transgenders from switching bathrooms also is gaining popularity. In 2016, only 35% favored such bans. In 2021, 47% favored the bans.

But protecting women’s sports from invasion is where the biggest change is.

PRRI said, “Fewer Democrats (62%), independents (30%), and Republicans (9%) favor allowing transgender female students to participate in high school athletic events with cisgender female students, but the partisan gaps remain very large. Support has declined drastically among Republicans—by more than two-thirds—since 2018, when 30% supported participation. Independent support has declined by one-third, from 46% in 2018, and support among Democrats has declined by 11 percentage points, from 73% in 2018.”

The spin from PRRI is that this is all the fault of Fox News.

PRRI said, “Republicans who most trust Fox News (5%) and far-right news sources (4%) are about half as likely to support allowing transgender female students to participate in high school athletic events with cisgender female students, whereas Republicans who most trust mainstream news sources are twice as likely (20%). Similarly, independents who most trust Fox News (7%) are much less likely than those who trust mainstream sources (35%) to support transgender girls participating in sports with cisgender girls.”

Cisgender is a made-up liberal garbage word that means real.

In 2018, support for letting transgenders compete as the sex they want was at its peak. 

Will Thomas becoming Lia Thomas changed how the world sees men who take female hormones competing as women. People finally got to see how it works.

And it repulses them.

Posted by Don Surber at 7/12/2022 11:00:00 AM