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Target stops cops

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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Target stops cops from buying toys for the poor

Brian Cornell is the CEO of Target. They pay him $20 million a year. He is an idiot who canceled Christmas (or tried to) for hundreds of kids in Florida.For many years, Target partnered with local police to “Shop with a Cop” for Christmas. These are poor kids who may not get much from Santa.

Cornell canceled that this year.

In Florida, Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly sent Cornell a letter, and W4GVL posted it. The site is an apolitical Florida Gators fan site, so you can see Cornell struck a nerve. Hard.

After a little exposition about the program, Sheriff Staly said, “Then on October 6, 2021 my staff received an email abruptly cancelling the partnership. We were told Target retired the ‘Heroes & Helpers’ program and was ‘introducing a new give-back program to serve our communities, anchored to our purpose of helping families discover the joy of everyday life. We’ll be expanding our impact and reach, partnering directly with local nonprofits organizations across the country to provide families in need with essentials, gifts and more.’ When we informed Target staff that Flagler Sheriff’s Children’s Charities was a nonprofit 501(C)(3) the email was ignored and no response was received.

Target told the sheriff and his staff their money is no good here because the sheriff and his staff donated $16,000 to pay for the gifts.

Dumping Shop with a Cop is part of Target’s new Let’s Go Police program.

Staly wrote, “So far in 2021, we have responded to 428 calls for service to the Palm Coast store. Further, since I became Sheriff in 2017, we have handled more than 3,870 calls for service to your Palm Coast store. In this aspect, you have definitely ‘engaged the public safety community.’ However, as to partnering with law enforcement it is evident your organization has elected to follow the pathway of political convenience.”

Page 2.

Staly said, “As the Target Corporation displayed Grinch-like behavior in cancelling the partnership at the last minute we went to your competitor Walmart who welcomed us with open arms. On December 10, 2021, we took over 125 culturally diverse children partnered with over 125 law enforcement, corrections and professional support employees shopping. Starting with a party, train rides, face painting, crafts, games and much more they rode in patrol cars with lights flashing and sirens blaring to Walmart (ironically, we drove by Target on our way to Walmart).”

Bwa ha ha.

The sheriff made it plain that he has no problem with the local store and its employees. He placed the blame squarely on Cornell, where it belongs.

Staly ended his letter, “I support your right to end our partnership however, it comes with a price; while I doubt it impacts your bottom line you have lost a customer in both my wife and I. Further, I will educate my peers within the law enforcement community about your corporate action and decision. Finally, I will take the opportunity to discuss Target’s position in every public forum with which I have a platform.”

Cornell flushed more than a decade of goodwill down the drain.

But after BLM rioters looted his store in Minneapolis, you know what Cornell did? He gave the “black community” $100 million.

Don Surber at 12/18/2021 03:00:00 PM