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The brainwashing of America

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Monday, May 16, 2022

The brainwashing of America

I learned a new word this weekend: menticide. It means “the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas.”In short, brainwashing.
Apply that word to American society and you realize that you don’t need prolonged interrogation, drugs or torture to get a society to kill itself. All you need is 70 years of attacks on the core beliefs of a nation to bring it down.
Liberals have replaced common sense with mental illness. They tell us nonsense such as men can have babies, and the government now pretends it is true.

The erosion of what made America great began gradually. Playboy began the erasure of our sexual mores. Rock ‘n’ roll began the popularization of the recreational use of drugs. State lotteries began the acceptance of gambling instead of producing goods and services. We gave into our impulses. Americans no longer have a wonderful life. The Bedford Falls of the 1950s is now Pottersville with booze, gambling and hookers.

Look at where we are today. People poop in the streets of San Francisco without punishment. Stores are regularly looted in Democrat Party havens again without punishment. Criminals regularly knock little old ladies down and shove Asians into oncoming subway trains again without punishment. Gangbangers routinely shoot, maim and kill young black people again without punishment. Only 1 in 6 murders in Chicago is solved despite a police staff of more than 13,000 workers.

We legalized abortion under the pretense of ending back-alley abortions only to maintain the back-alley abortions. These surgeries are not performed in hospitals as we were told would happen, but in offices by doctors who often are not certified by the local hospital. Pills are replacing abortionists. Pharmaceutical history shows that will worsen the situation.

Pedophile teachers groom elementary kids. We kicked the Bible out of schools 60 years ago. Now, many grade school books feature LGBT characters. Heather has two mommies, a pansexual daddy and a goat who identifies as a lion. Some of those books are too explicit sexually to be read at school board meetings.

Transgendering — the mutilation of young bodies through surgery and chemistry — is all the rage among young people. We went from long hair on boys to pornstaches to earrings on men to tattoos to piercings to puberty blockers and elective mastectomies. I fear what is next mainly because I lack the imagination to envision it.

If parents complain about the grooming, they can get in deep trouble. The FBI now actively is investigating parents who speak up at school board meetings. A father who complained that a boy in a skirt raped his daughter in the girls restroom was tackled by deputies and arrested at a school board meeting. Teachers who call a child the wrong pronoun can lose their jobs because we label it a hate crime.

Stalin laughs. The movement he started to undermine American values is his greatest success.

That the word menticide was coined in the early 1950s makes sense because that was when communists re-started their campaign to take over the United States following the interruption known as World War II.

America in the 1950s was a far cry from the hopeless and depressed nation it was before the war. After the war, we were on top of the world economically, physically and spiritually. One would think Stalin would give up, but he and his minions did not.

Communists hijacked the civil rights movement after the assassination of Martin Luther King. The movement abandoned racial equality with something called equity. Communists created CRT to de-legitimize our Constitution and its Bill of Rights. While technically it is not taught in public schools, teachers are indoctrinated into CRT in college. They push that in schools today, replacing patriotism. 

CRT mocks American values of home and hearth. Teachers demand that parents have no say in educating their children. America is that Bizarro World that Superman visited in the comics in the 1950s and 1960s.

We live in a world where we are supposed to believe men have babies. 

On Friday, Bill Maher had enough.

Deadline reported, “Bill Maher Laments About A Liberal World That Seems To Be Going Mad In ‘Real Time’ Takes.”

The story said, “He noted that 11 Walgreens and six CVS stores have closed in San Francisco in the last year as that city descends into virtual anarchy.

“‘When did they legalize shoplifting? There used to be shame, or at least a skill to it. Now, CVS isn’t a store. It’s a zoo for teeth whitening strips.’

“Maher allowed that while there are issues with policing, ‘We can’t allow them to be hunted and targeted.’ He added that the public can’t get so wrapped up in what the police shouldn’t do that ‘we become El Salvador.’ He pointed out that Democrats like to point out that crime has been worse before. ‘And who gives a f***,’ Maher said. ‘I’m living now.'”

He lives in the now but not in the United State of America, a constitutional republic. He is living in a banana republic — just as Cubans lived in back in the 1950s before Castro took over.

We have committed menticide by surrendering our ideals, our values, and our way of life to awful people with awful ideas, awful looks and awful music. Change the national anthem to Gangsta Paradise because it better describes the hellhole the blue portion of our country now lives in.

The red states must resist and return America back to what it was. There is hope because half the states will ban abortion once Roe is reversed. There is hope in bans on CRT. And there is hope in Florida’s Don’t Groom Kids law and consequent revocation of Disney’s Mouse Privilege.

Posted by Don Surber at 5/16/2022 03:00:00 PM