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The desperate cry of global boiling

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The desperate cry of global boiling
JUL 31


Amid a heat wave, UN chief “António Guterres Highest-Paid Politician in the World” announced, “The era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived.”

The ratcheting up of the rhetoric matches the failure of any of the left’s hysterical predictions of doom to come true. Their cause is lost. Nevertheless, they plunge ahead because they are Waist Deep in the Big Muddy but they won’t back down.

Guterres said, “For vast parts of North America, Asia, Africa and Europe, it is a cruel summer. For the entire planet, it is a disaster.”

But the facts no more match his words than purple hair matches the carpet.

Oh sure, it is hot.

Weather & Radar reported, “July 4, 2023 was the hottest day on Earth since records began in 1979. The average global temperature reached 17.18 degrees Celsius (62.92 degrees Fahrenheit) Tuesday, surpassing the previous record of 17.01 degrees Celsius (62.62 degrees Fahrenheit) set on Monday, July 3, 2023.”

Those records go back 44 years.

That rounds off to 63 degrees — or 149 degrees below boiling.

There is no evidence that a temperature of 63 degrees does any harm. He is lying.

The precision of the temperature — to the 1/100th of a degree — defies logic because the temperatures of the air above the various oceans are not measured well. And oceans cover 70% of Earth. But numbers two spaces to the right of a decimal point make it seem like science is involved.

His claim that Africa suffers from the heat is odd because parts of Africa are freezing.

CNN reported earlier this warmest-month-ever, “South Africans were abuzz on Monday following a surprise snowfall in the country’s largest city, Johannesburg — the first in the area in more than a decade.

“Snowflakes are rare in Johannesburg, which is located in South Africa’s Gauteng province, with the last reported occurrence in 2012.

“Residents who woke up to freezing temperatures posted photos and videos to social media expressing their delight about the weather event.

“‘Snow in Gauteng,’ one resident posted on TikTok. ‘I was preparing to go to Europe (but) I have just changed my mind. Our weather is the same,’ another commented.

“The South African Weather Service confirmed on its Twitter page that ‘the observation in part of Gauteng is indeed snow.’”

Gauteng’s latitude is the equivalent of Florida’s, so this was like snow falling in Miami. It does not snow on a boiling Earth. No part of Earth is boiling, but an entire continent is under about a mile of ice.

Of course, it is winter in South Africa — as well as Australia. In this cruel summer, as the UN leader called it, PlanetSKI reported, “Australia Sees More Heavy Snow.”

The story said, “It’s turning into one of the best starts to the Australian ski season in recent years. In places half a meter of snow has fallen over the weekend and into Monday.

“There are above average snow depths for the time of year as the main part of the season approaches. Perisher in New South Wales now claims a base of over 1 meter.”

And on May 12, Weather & Radar reported, “Extreme cold has arrived abnormally early in Antarctica, with temperatures dropping to below -75°C from the beginning of May.

“Following the onset of polar night, winter has started at the South Pole, and with it glacial cold at the Russian research station of Vostok. As early as May 5th a low of -75°C was recorded, while just days ago this fell further to -76.4°C.

“This marks a new record for the early winter, daily highs are also plummeting, often just below -70°C on the Earth’s coldest continent.”

Those temperatures are close to the low temperatures that turn the carbon dioxide in your breath into dry ice.

The cold arrived two months early. The story said, “Usually, the coldest temperatures in Antarctica are not reached until the end of July and beginning of August.

“The lowest temperature ever recorded in Vostok was -89.2°C on July 21st, 1983. This also doubles as the lowest value ever measured on Earth.”

The idea that the icecap at the South Pole will melt in our lifetimes is an absurdity wrapped in a foolishness and sprinkled with an imbecility.

But pushing this nonsense pays well. Guterres rakes in $75 million a year. He’s the Volodymyr Zelensky of Turtle Bay.

While it was cold in the Southern Hemisphere in May, it also was cold as summer began in the Northern Hemisphere.

WBOY reported, “Parts of West Virginia saw an unusually late snow in May, and some places even saw record breaking amounts.

“Canaan Heights in Tucker County and Snowshoe in Pocahontas County both have already surpassed the record snowfall for May in only the first week. Canaan Heights saw a total of 20.3 inches of snow from May 1 to 3, and Snowshoe saw 16 inches.”

Winter 2022-2023 was one of the snowiest on record in the Rockies and westward.

Forbes reported in March, “700 Inches Of Snow: Sierra Nevadas Face 2nd-Snowiest Season On Record—Stemming Brutal California Drought.”

The story said, “A series of winter snowstorms have offloaded more than 700 inches of snow on California’s Sierra Nevada mountains since the beginning of October, making this winter the second snowiest on record, a hopeful sign amid a years-long drought, with more stormy weather on the way.

“Nearly three feet of snowfall over the past 24 hours brought the University of California Berkeley’s Central Sierra Snow Lab to 713.8 inches (nearly 60 feet) of snowfall this season.

“Recent snowfall—which has triggered avalanches and flooding and nearly buried buildings in snow drift—brings this season’s total at the snow lab in Donner Pass to within 100 inches of the all-time record of 812 inches (67 feet) recorded in 1952.”

The snowfall was the heaviest in 71 years.

But four months later, when reporting the global boiling claim by Guterres, Forbes forgot all about that near-record snowfall.

Indeed, the entire media has forgotten the cold, cold February the United States suffered. Allow me to refresh everyone’s memory.

DW reported on February 5, “Arctic blast brings record cold to the U.S.

“Several cities in the northeastern United States enacted emergency measures to protect the homeless population. The Arctic blast also caused frostquakes from sudden snaps in frozen soil.”

The story said, “The summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire reported a wind-chill low of minus 78 Celsius (minus 108 Fahrenheit) — the coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States.”

My goodness. That cold was not arctic cold; it was Antarctic cold. In fact, it was 3 degrees colder than the coldest day in May in Antarctica.

The media ignored that American record when reporting on record heat in Death Valley a few months later.

Oh, we’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave. The temperature’s rising, it isn’t surprising, as Thomas Lifson explained.

He wrote, “The current heat wave is being relentlessly blamed on increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but there is a much more plausible explanation, one that is virtually endorsed by two of the world’s leading scientific organizations. It turns out that levels of water vapor in the atmosphere have dramatically increased over the last year-and-a-half, and water vapor is well recognized as a greenhouse gas, whose heightened presence leads to higher temperatures, a mechanism that dwarfs any effect CO2 may have.

“So, why has atmospheric water vapor increased so dramatically? Because of a historic, gigantic volcanic eruption last year that I — probably along with you — had never heard of. The mass media ignored it because it took place 490 feet underwater in the South Pacific. Don’t take it from me, take it from NASA.”

He then posted NASA photos of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupting on January 15.

But we are nowhere near boiling. At a rise of 2 degrees Celsius a century, it will take more than 4,000 years for the Earth to boil.

My question is not why the head of the UN lies about global boiling. Guterres is a political hack who pockets $75 million a year peddling this snake oil. I get it.

Instead I ask why low-rent journalists insist on selling out to the global boiling lobby. Are they looking forward to the deprivations they and billions more will suffer when coal, oil and natural gas are no longer available to anyone but the jet-set elitists? Or do they really want the totalitarianism that is sure to follow?