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Bill O’Reilly

The Woke/Equity Movement
By: Bill O’ReillyFebruary 27, 2024
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The woke/equity movement now controls many American towns, including Kansas City, Missouri. That mass shooting during the Super Bowl parade on February 14 remains undefined. Why did it happen? What was the motive? Who exactly are the perpetrators?

Four suspects are in custody. The two adults are black men, no details at all about the minors who will most likely be tried as adults. Of course, at this point, the authorities know what exactly happened but refuse to tell the public.

Why? Because race is in play.

Lisa Lopez-Galvan was killed, and 22 other innocent people were injured, yet there is no explanation from Kansas City.

This is wrong. Everyone understands that if a white person was deemed responsible, that would have been front-page news on February 15, the day after, but minority criminal activity is handled differently.

The public should know why horrendous crimes happen. It’s a matter of safety. Is there a gang component to the mass shooting in KC? How did those arrested get handguns, especially the minors?

Authorities have an obligation to inform us.

This censorship stuff has got to stop. Stonewalling important information because of skin color or ethnicity is not in the public interest. The Mayor of Kansas City is not doing his job, and apparently, the police are afraid of him.

Woke/equity: a plague upon the land.

See you this evening for the No Spin News.

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