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Trump the dictator?

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Trump the dictator?
Do unto Biden and Obama what they did to you
DEC 6, 2023

To promote his upcoming book (Rebellion: How Antiliberalism Is Tearing America Apart — Again), Robert Kagan wrote a column in the Washington Post, a newspaper that Jeff Bezos — once the world’s richest man — owns.

The book’s title is a reminder that Loyalists opposed the American Revolution because they had it quite good under King George III, which is the situation today for most readers of the Bezos Post. Berlin was nice in the 1930s. The last thing Washingtonians want is a return of the rightful president, Donald Trump whose election signaled a fed up nation that wants its borders closed and its capital cleansed.

In Kagan’s piece, “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending,” he gave Bezos Post readers assurances that they are the victims of a nation that refuses their help and that they are not the bullies wielding an ungodly amount of federal power against Americans.

Kagan wrote, “If Trump does win the election, he will immediately become the most powerful person ever to hold that office. Not only will he wield the awesome powers of the American executive — powers that, as conservatives used to complain, have grown over the decades — but he will do so with the fewest constraints of any president, fewer even than in his own first term.”

The Bezos Post’s hysteria is mild compared to the mania the media will unleash next year.

Mediaite said, “The Atlantic announced that its first issue of 2024 will focus on what they believe to be the potentially disastrous consequences of Donald Trump returning to the White House.

“‘The next Trump presidency will be worse,’ the magazine declared Monday on X (formerly Twitter). It outlined The Atlantic’s planned January/February 2024 issue, in which 24 of the publication’s contributors will lay out the ‘potential ramifications’ on a variety of subjects if Trump is re-elected.

“As of this writing, The Atlantic has published eight of the 24 essays they promised for ‘If Trump Wins,’ which focus on Trump and autocracy, NATO, his loyalists, immigration, the Justice Department, misogyny, climate, and journalism. The issue also includes a note from Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg, who warned that America endured ‘serious damage’ from Trump’s first term, and a second one ‘will be much worse.’”

The projection is strong with this crowd.

Trump a dictator? If only he were one.

If only Donald John Trump were as nasty and ruthless as Barack Hussein Obama. If only Trump could get the FBI to spy on his political adversaries as Obama did.

If only the federal bureaucracy were as devoted to Trump as it has been to every Democrat president since FDR and a detriment to every Republican president since Eisenhower. The bureaucracy is a roadblock to Republicans and a slave to the Democrats.

Kagan in his column merrily reminded readers that Truman said, “Poor Ike. He’ll say ‘do this’ and ‘do that’ and nothing at all will happen.”

Remember that line the next time someone whines about Trump’s first term.

Kagan’s big smear is the fear that Trump will do unto others what they did to him.

The column said, “It is he they are trying to destroy, he believes, and as president, he will return the favor.

“What will that look like? Trump has already named some of those he intends to go after once he is elected: senior officials from his first term such as retired Gen. John F. Kelly, Gen. Mark A. Milley, former attorney general William P. Barr and others who spoke against him after the 2020 election; officials in the FBI and the CIA who investigated him in the Russia probe; Justice Department officials who refused his demands to overturn the 2020 election; members of the Jan. 6 committee; Democratic opponents including Rep. Adam B. Schiff (California); and Republicans who voted for or publicly supported his impeachment and conviction.”

The Bezos Post stands up for the generals who refused his orders and the attorney general who refused to look into the mass corruption of Hunter Biden — the bribes, the drugs and the underage girls — and the liars and spyers who violated the Constitution.

Kagan wrote a remarkable column that acknowledges everything Trump supporters complained that Obama and Washington did against Trump was true.

The column said, “Think of all the laws now on the books that give the federal government enormous power to surveil people for possible links to terrorism, a dangerously flexible term, not to mention all the usual opportunities to investigate people for alleged tax evasion or violation of foreign agent registration laws. The IRS under both parties has occasionally looked at depriving think tanks of their tax-exempt status because they espouse policies that align with the views of the political parties. What will happen to the think-tanker in a second Trump term who argues that the United States should ease pressure on China? Or the government official rash enough to commit such thoughts to official paper? It didn’t take more than that to ruin careers in the 1950s.”

Oh if only that could be done again because if anyone deserves to be hoisted by its own petard, it is the people in DC who did this to America. On behalf of the nearly 1,000 people whom Washington jailed for J6, I want officials arrested, imprisoned for a few years and then tried for technical violations of a federal code that has so many crimes that a supercomputer would have difficulty keeping up.

I want SWAT teams sent in the pre-dawn to arrest every one of them live on CNN, just as the FBI did to Roger Stone.

I want Facebook, TikTok and other social media sites to censor and ban liberals, just as the intelligence community shut down conservatives.

I want the Department of Justice to declare the actual terrorists on the left a threat to national security rather than the Bogeyman the deep state calls white supremacy.

But we all know this won’t happen because if there were any even remote possibility of any of this, Jeff Bezos and his silly newspaper would be too frightened to bring the subject up because they are cowards. Journalists are disposable like BiC razors to be used and thrown away.

As for self-awareness, journalists have none. Kagan’s colleague Marianne LeVine wrote, “Trump calls political enemies ‘vermin,’ echoing dictators Hitler, Mussolini.” So it is OK to call a politician Hitler but it is not OK to call him vermin. She is saying vermin are worse than Hitler. Her generation has no idea who Hitler was or what he did. To them he is just a man with a moustache nobody likes.

Amid all this noise, Trump went on the Hannity show last night and played along with the gag.

Aaron Rupar tweeted, “Hannity asked Trump for a second time if he has plans to abuse power. Trump admits he plans to do some dictatorial things on day one of his second term.”

Just like Obama.

Just like Biden.

Hamas discovered the meaning of FAFO last month. Democrats will learn in Trump’s second presidency — or so I hope.

But it is a longshot. I do not want to depress readers but I also pray I never lie. The odds are against Trump exacting justice. Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, tweeted:

Republicans did nothing about Bill Clinton flying to islands with minors

Republicans did nothing about Hillary Clinton smashing devices

Republicans did nothing about James Comey brazenly lying

Republicans did nothing about Andy McCabe plotting a silent coup against a sitting President

Republicans did nothing about BLM raising $100 million and breaking charitable giving laws

Republicans in Florida did nothing about James Biden’s alleged fraud scheme involving a hospital system

Republicans in Arkansas did nothing about Hunter Biden’s myriad crimes

Republicans have done nothing against ANTIFA and their interstate RICO operations

Republicans have done nothing against Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance, or the other fake scientists who promoted lies about Covid’s origins to hide their own culpability

Why would Democrats be afraid of us? They run the country while Republican AGs and DAs quiver in fear and run for the hills.

But as poor as their track record is, I hold out the hope that this time, Republicans will stay out of the way and not help Democrats destroy a second Trump presidency. The Liz Cheney experience — kicked out of office and publicly shamed — will get the Shelley Moore Capitos in the Senate and the Alex Mooneys in the House to finally object to the railroading of President Trump and the gulaging of his supporters.

By the way, she says Trump will make himself president for life. That is tempting.

The party needs some of the loyalty that Ben Franklin prescribed: “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

His words at the unveiling of the Declaration of Independence were a shot at the loyalists to the oppressive administration of King George III. Let us all heed Franklin’s advice as Kagan and the rest of the Redcoats target us for destruction.