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Truth,Lies,and Video Tapes

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Truth, Lies, and Video TapeBy: Bill O’ReillyMarch 27, 2022
Truth, Lies, and Video TapeApparently, Russia’s Defense Minister has now gone missing, joining hundreds of journalists who have vanished after criticizing Putin. Another casualty of the Ukraine war, which is not going well for bad Vlad.In the USA, we have many press people who are missing in a figurative sense: they don’t know much about anything, weak backgrounds in history and civics. When I comment that President Biden might go down in history alongside President Buchanan, do you think members of the White House press corps know what I’m talking about?Each morning, I get a bunch of newspapers delivered to my home. Sadly, the printed information is often old if you have a computer. The speed of the internet has made the papers obsolete in hard news coverage. And editorially, most print organizations live in the last house on the left. If you’re not in a guest room there, why do you need the paper?Because I run an independent news agency that delivers information on television and radio, my staff emails me a document called the “newsfax” early in the morning. Here, the information is current and accurate.To supplement the newspapers and fax, I often monitor TV News to assess what video is available. And watching American electronic media has become depressing, generally speaking. That’s because it’s incredibly repetitive and mostly devoid of creative analysis and smart reporting.The reason that’s happened is that the corporate moguls who run the TV News operations want followers on the air, people who will gladly take orders.CNN is the most vivid example. Time-Warner ruined the network by demanding that on-air talent tow a liberal line and, most especially, demonize Donald Trump.The direct result of that corporate policy was a disastrous scandal starring Chris Cuomo and his direct supervisor, Jeff Zucker.You may remember my on-air debates with Jon Stewart and the late Charles Krauthammer. Two very smart guys, one on the left, the other on the right. The conversations were spirited and unpredictable. Do you see anything like that on TV today?Let me know.The reason we don’t often view unique content is that corporations don’t need astute analysis, wit, or even curiosity. They make big money without all that. In addition to the cash flow, the moguls delight in shaping the news – not actually reporting it.The stark truth is, in America, corporate and social media provide cover for the liberal philosophy and the Democratic Party.That has resulted in the calamity that is the Biden administration. And all of us, even the corporate chieftains, are being adversely affected by the President’s destructive policies.This is truly a terrible situation, one the Founders could never have foreseen. Powerful social media combines with legacy corporations to promote and protect a leftist belief system.That is the truth. But absolutely no one will be set free by it.