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Vladimir Putin has a message for the world

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Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Putin laughs at us

Vladimir Putin has a message for the world: What is the USA going to do about it?

This is the same message Chairman Xi of Red China has. Ditto whoever is the ayatollah today.

Putin did not even bother telling us directly. He had his flunky the foreign minister put us down.

RT, the Russian news service, reported, “Americans have ‘lost touch with reality’ – Russia. Sanctions threats are not even worth responding to, the Foreign Ministry has said.”

The flunky, Alexander Pankin, addressed Biden’s feeble threat to shut down a pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine. Biden gotta protect the people who paid him off through his son’s phony-baloney job.

Asked about this, Pankin said, “It’s long been clear to everyone that American legislators have lost touch with reality and are living in a kingdom of their own phobias regarding our country, churning out obscurantist plans to deter Russia on all fronts, with any justification or without one.

“I don’t see the point in reacting to the Capitol’s routine initiatives about this. We can only repeat once more our regret about what has happened, and confirm that there will inevitably be negative consequences from the harsh restrictions laid on us by the Western initiators of such measures.”

He did not even mention Biden.

How interesting that the people who loved Russia when it was the USSR now use Russia as a bogeyman in a pathetic attempt to rally people.

I have no idea if Putin plans to invade Ukraine. All I know is three things:

1. Kiev was once Russia’s capital.

2. Ukraine is a corrupt country that bribes Pelosi, Kerry and Biden through their sons (stepson in Kerry’s case).

3. We don’t have the will to go through with any military confrontation.

Put them all together and they spell I don’t care. Maybe I should. Maybe I should support sending someone else’s sons (and now, daughters) off to defend American interests in a halfway across the world again. 

If Ukraine falls, Moldova will be next, then Romania, then Bulgaria, then Greece as Putin pushes toward the Aegean Sea which dumps into the Mediterranean which flows into the Atlantic.

Why the next thing you know, those old Russkies will be in DC!

Putin is a dictator who puts protesters in jail without charges. So does Biden.

And Putin also collects kickbacks. So does Bien.

But Putin does not require people to be vaccinated. Biden does. 

There are those conservatives who still care. But they know as Putin does that “Weak Joe Biden is no match for Putin’s impending demands.”

That was the subject of Michael Goodwin of the New York Post’s latest column.

He wrote, “What does Putin see?

“Weakness, that’s what he sees. Wherever he looks in the West, he sees feckless leaders who have a slippery hold on power and can’t even run their own countries, let alone marshal a united front against Mother Russia.

“That’s what he saw in 2008 when he carved up parts of Georgia. It’s what he saw in 2014 when he invaded Ukraine and annexed the Crimean Peninsula.

“In both cases, the price he paid was minimal. So now he’s back for more.”

Putin is no dummy. He reads the papers. He’s KGB and they do intelligence, which is largely reading the local newspapers. He saw Obama coming and knew behind that bravado was a weak man. 

Donald Trump was not.

Biden is. When he chickened out of Afghanistan and left everything behind — people, equipment and even cash — the dictators laughed in unison and our allies soiled themselves.

What was the first act of Biden’s defense secretary?

The Pentagon announced last year, “Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III has ordered a DOD-wide stand down to discuss the problem of extremism in the ranks, Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby said today.”

Milley said a few months later he had met the enemy and it is white rage.

Two months later, we surrendered Afghanistan.

Biden considers his biggest military accomplishment is promoting the first transgendered admiral.

Putin knows they are all bozos on this bus.

America’s commanders-in-chief over the years have included Washington, Grant, Eisenhower, Reagan and Trump. They were patriots who put America first and who respected the military.

We have also suffered Carter, Obama and now, Biden. The whole free world feels our pain because it is their pain too.

Enough with the saber rattling. Enough with the bogeyman. I have no idea what Putin will do, but I do know what Biden will do in response.