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WaPo admits Dems fear apocalypse

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Don Surber

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Monday, October 03, 2022

WaPo admits Dems fear apocalypse

The Washington Post reported, “Apocalypse now: Democrats embrace a dark midterm message. Biden and the Democrats planned to run mostly on their accomplishments. But warnings of a Republican dystopia are becoming a bigger part of their message.”It is called whistling past the graveyard. The Post story whistled in print.

Paragraph 3 said, “With a tough midterm election about six weeks away, many Democrats have largely settled on a campaign message, and it’s not one that simply emphasizes their accomplishments. Instead, it amounts to a stark warning: If Republicans take power, they will establish a dystopia that cripples democracy and eviscerates abortion rights and other freedoms.”

The story nattered on about climate change, abortion and Donald Trump. 

But it is not until Paragraph 10 that WaPo bothered to mention the economy, even though a plurality of likely voters in its own poll say the economy.

The story said, “Republicans insist that the November elections remain a referendum on Biden. The GOP holds a sizable advantage on issues like the economy and crime, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, and Democrats are more trusted to handle abortion and climate change.”

But the story said Democrats have abandoned abortion and climate change.

Democrats instead embraced a dark message as they try to use fear to avoid a very painful election for them. The only thing they have is fear.

Cory Bliss, a strategist who saved Kansas Governor Pat Roberts from losing a re-election bid in 2014, tried to straighten WaPo out.

Bliss told the Post, “Talking about January 6th and whether we have a democracy next year is a really important issue in Washington, D.C. But it’s not an important issue to voters in the real world. In the real world, voters care about the price of groceries, the price of gas, being able to walk down the street and feel safe.”

The Post knows this. It is not a national newspaper. It is a parochial little paper in a one-employer town, sort of like the Dearborn newspaper when Henry Ford owned it. The paper feeds the prejudices of the people working for the company in the company town.

Deep down, WaPo’s staff knows November is a lost cause. And that is why you dig deep down in the story to find out what is happening.

WaPo said, “while Biden’s job rating has improved — 42% approve of his performance and 53 percent disapprove, according to a Post average of polls — it is still underwater and could drag down Democratic candidates.

“Beyond that, the Democrats’ newly dark message is a gamble. Biden is trying to draw a delicate distinction by blasting MAGA Republicans and has said he is not talking about all Republicans, noting he can still work with many of them. But GOP leaders say the president is simply calling all of them fascists.”

Given that almost all Republicans support Donald Trump, Republicans are right.

Overuse by Democrats has rendered the word fascist useless, which perhaps was their goal as they embrace a fusion of government and corporate control backed by street violence.

Democrats know intuitively their demonizing Republicans won’t save them.

Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg told the paper, “The area where Republicans have the most significant advantage right now is on the economy, and we have to attempt politically to close the gap with Republicans on the economy.

“If we could do one more thing on this election, we could get the economic approval of Democrats up.”

LOL. This election is all about the economy, the one Biden ruined.

30 years ago, Jim Carville said it’s the economy, stupid.

It still is.

The headline’s use of Apocalypse now is the tell that Democrats know they won’t win.

Apocalypse Now was Francis Ford Coppola’s film on Vietnam. Its screenwriter, John Milius, said, “Apocalypse Now achieved its highest aspiration: Not only was it immersed in the historical period and place – Vietnam – but it was an allegory of people facing reality and truth. The truth of life and the nature of war”

Fantasies about insurrections and the like are the tune of the terminal ill political party as it marches past the cemetery.

How sweet the tune…

Posted by Don Surber at 10/03/2022 11:00:00 AM