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What the media doesn’t say about a mass murderer

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Don Surber

What the media doesn’t say about a mass murderer

The media is really big on promoting the First Openly Transgender (fill in the blank). Richard “Rachel” Levine becoming an admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps was big news. That he’s a doctor who doesn’t know biology flummoxes me, but I roll against the tide, don’t I?

But the media is trying hard notto acknowledge Monday’s historic First Openly Transgender (female to male) mass school shooter. You’ve heard of the glass ceiling; she shattered the glass basement.

Heavy reported that Audrey Elizabeth Hale, 28, a woman who pretended she was a man named Aiden, shot and killed three 9-year-olds and three staff members at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Police shot and killed her. It was a suicide by cop.

Hale was a pretty girl until she messed with this tranny stuff. But she did and now seven people are dead, including her.

That a tranny attacked a Christian grade school is not lost on normal people, but the people who write the news are not normal.

Well except the London Daily Mail. It seeks American readers, not political correctness.

The paper reported, “Trans female former student, 28, armed with two assault rifles and a handgun, kills three nine-year-old kids and three staff members at Nashville private Christian school after writing manifesto and drawing maps of church campus.”

The American media cares only about the Narrative.

AP labeled the school shooting as “the latest in a series of mass shootings in a country that has grown increasingly unnerved by bloodshed in schools.”

Not until Paragraph 5 did AP bother telling readers the shooter was a tranny.

NBC waited until Paragraph 11 to mention the killer was passing herself off as a male.

In a 28-paragraph account, CNN did not mention the transsexualism of the shooter.

It did say, “The shooter did not have any known history of mental illness.” But we are not allowed to call transsexualism a mental disorder.

Lefties forced the American Psychiatric Association to stop call it a mental disorder in 2012. Not calling transsexualism a mental disorder did not make it any saner.

The damage to society is that we are forced to accept lies about gender and the like. It is part of the left’s removal of free speech. We no longer are allowed to tell the truth.

Instead of calling tranny males he, we must call them she or they or ze. We must accept without question that a man is entitled to play women’s sports.

Those who make the transition and want to go back learn to late that the surgeons offer no refunds. They are stuck for life.

But unlike other stories about transsexuals, the media dead-named her and went by her sex on her birth certificate instead of calling her a male named Aiden Hale.

The media stuck to its gun seizure propaganda as it ignored Hale’s tranny status. It also largely ignored an irony. The New York Post, however, covered this angle.

It said, “The mother of the Nashville school shooter who killed six people — including three 9-year-olds — appeared to be a gun control activist who once urged friends on Facebook to sign a petition calling to keep firearms out of schools.”

CNN’s story mentioned Hale obtained her guns legally. Well, if we are not going to call transsexuality a mental disorder, of course she could get guns. In fact, some in the media encourage it — Tranny Get Your Gun.

Four days before the slaughter, Texas Monthly published a story, “Fearing That State Leaders Want Them ‘Eradicated,’ Some Transgender Texans Embrace Firearms.”

The story began, “Handling a .50-caliber machine gun atop a Stryker armored fighting vehicle in Iraq and Afghanistan, Josephine became an expert at scanning her surroundings for potential threats. The Army taught her how to absorb a flood of information in a moment. On patrol, she would count the number of passengers inside an approaching vehicle, identify places where she could quickly seek cover if necessary, or commit a patch on someone’s jacket to memory.

“Since she returned to civilian life nearly a decade ago in Killeen, the Central Texas town adjacent to the Fort Hood Army base, those skills have mostly lain dormant. Recently, however, Josephine, who began identifying as a transgender woman after leaving the military, has begun to feel that she’s back on the battlefield.

“Like many other queer Texans, she has read with mounting concern about rising rates of violence and intimidation against transgender Americans. (She asked for her last name to be concealed for fear of being harassed.)

“Lately, when she stops at a red light, pulls into a gas station, or enters a Walmart, she anxiously scans her surroundings for symbols she associates with American extremism: Confederate flags, Back the Blue bumper stickers, Punisher decals on jacked-up trucks.”

Punisher decals! Oh no. Quick, son, hand Daddy his .50-caliber machine gun. Them Punisher decal-bearers need to be taught a lesson.

Last month, NPR encouraged trannies and other LGBT types to arm themselves.

It reported, “Meet the queer people who practice shooting to defend themselves from hate groups.”

New Hampshire Public Radio’s Todd Bookman said, “Groups like Rainbow Reload exist around the country, often called pink pistol clubs. It’s a place for experts and the gun-curious to practice and improve their shooting, but this goes beyond hobby. There’s a practical goal here, to prepare and protect themselves.”

Good for him. He gets it. He just gave the NRA argument for owning firearms: protection.

Meanwhile, Biden continues to push for banning guns. He took the massacre so serious that he began his remarks, “I came down because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream.”

Most media outlets left that part out. Not Politico.

More importantly, the media left out the part where a transsexual attacked and killed three kids and three adults at a Christian school.

The power of the press is not in what it reports, but in what it leaves out.