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Why Biden called for a ban on scary-looking rifles

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Saturday, June 04, 2022
Why Biden called for a ban on scary-looking rifles

Biden gave a speech on guns on Thursday night. He proposed the same gun controls that liberals have proposed for the last 40 years: a ban on scary-looking rifles, closing imaginary loopholes on background checks and red-flag laws.

Fewer than 27 million of the nation’s 331 million people watched him.
None of his proposals will stop the hundreds of mass shootings in urban America that drive up gun death statistics because gangbangers are not shooting one another up with scary-looking rifles. The gangbangers prefer handguns. As for red flags and background checks, that has been the law for 54 years. The Gun Control Act of 1968 requires a background check to buy a gun and if you are a felon, crazy, a wife-beater, a deserter from the military or any of a few other bad things, you don’t get to buy a gun.

We were told in 1968 that this would stop assassination attempts. In 1972, presidential candidate George Wallace was shot and paralyzed. In 1981, President Reagan was shot and wounded. The bullet came within an inch of his life, quite literally.

A 1994 law actually banned scary-looking rifles. It too failed because in 1999, two high school seniors shot up Columbine High School in Colorado. The law came off the books in 2004.

We know all this, but Democrats keep pushing it because they think voters want gun control.

As I pointed out, there are more people in gun-owning houses than there are Democrats. Republicans do not fear the NRA, they fear voters. On Friday, the Republican congressman representing suburban Buffalo, New York, withdrew from re-election after he said he supported banning scary-looking rifles.

Biden’s call for action was a dud.

Columnist Byron York wrote that Republicans and Democrats in the Senate had a deal on new gun measures.

York wrote, “The message was clear: An assault weapons ban was off the table. There is no way it could pass, and it would just further divide the Senate to try. An ugly fight over a ban might mean that more modest measures get lost in the battle and never pass. So Democrats are focusing on smaller things.”

Everything was going swell, York wrote, “Until Biden barged in. In his speech Thursday night, the president made a full-throated cry for an assault weapons ban.”

Well, if that is the case, I must thank the president because I don’t want Congress nibbling away my rights with feel-good legislation that won’t stop Chicago from being Chiraq.

York wrote, “The president served 36 years in the Senate. He often talks about how well he knows the institution. Why did he decide to crash the negotiations that seemed to be going well?”

We know why Biden gummed up the works because he wants guns to be an issue this fall because he has nothing else to offer.

He fueled inflation with his $1.9 trillion spending spree. He surrendered Afghanistan. He upset the supply chain by giving his Transportation Secretary permanent paternity leave, which kept him away from seeing that cargo got unloaded in Long Beach. He created a baby formula shortage by foolishly shutting down the Similac plant in Michigan.

So what is left for Democrats to do but to make wild proposals on guns and hope they never pass because they have to give their voters some reason to show up at the polls.

Posted by Don Surber at 6/04/2022 03:00:00 PM