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Why bloodbath became the word

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Why bloodbath became the word
When Democrats got their Fani caught in the wringer, they had to change subjects.
MAR 19, 2024

The DNC got the media to clutch its pearls by lifting one word from this quote from Trump’s rally this weekend in Vandalia, Ohio: “If you’re listening President Xi and you and I are friends but he understands the way I deal. Those big monster car manufacturing plants that you’re building in Mexico right now and you think you’re going to get that and not hire Americans and you’re going to sell the cars to us.

“We’re going to put a 100 percent tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you’re not going to be able to sell those cars if I get elected.

“Now if I don’t get elected it’s going to be a bloodbath for the whole — that’s going to be the least of it, it’s going to be a bloodbath for the country. That’ll be the least of it. But they’re not going to sell those cars.”


That was the only word Democrats wanted Americans to hear because Trump made a powerful statement for two reasons.

His was the first public acknowledgement by a politician that Red China plans to use our relationship with Mexico as a loophole to avoid tariffs on its products, Red China knows our laws better than we do because it is constantly working its way around them.

President Trump is vowing to stop Xi and make any investment in Mexico invalid. I mean, if Xi wants to waste billions building a plant to sell cars to Mexicans, that’s fine. He might make back millions but Trump will thwart his efforts to ship them north and take over another American industry.

The media shows on Sunday should have had a great discussion of this impending trade war and how whether it should be waged and if so, how? That should have been the focus because the leading candidate for president just laid out how he will handle what is likely to be the biggest economic and foreign policy issue next year. How will Biden? How will RFK Jr.?

Instead, the TV channels gave viewers a lot of blather about the word bloodbath because the media is run by feckless ladies and reckless men who refused to accept Trump as their 45th president and will do all they can to stop him from becoming the 47th. Besides, they are pretty blank faces who do not understand what Trump was saying.

The media also wanted to stop talking about Friday afternoon’s torpedoing of the Atlanta witch trial of Trump. DA Willis got her Fani caught in the wringer over her taxpayer-paid fling with a married man.

Sure, the judge — a former employee and campaign contributor — said Fani could still prosecute the case but she couldn’t do so with her lead counsel and paid-for loverboy.

I understand where she is coming from, sure. Turning 50 and loveless is hard on a professional woman, but $700,000 in tax money gets you a man, cruises and a few nights of frolic at the White House. I am not knocking her. As they say on BET, you go girl!

The Atlanta case, though, was the best hope for Democrats getting a conviction before November, but Fani Willis literally F’ed that up.

Media-ite reported, “Jeffrey Toobin offered a bleak assessment for those hoping to see former President Donald Trump face trial in Georgia sooner rather than later.”

Toobin said, “Today was a very good day for Donald Trump. This case is going nowhere.”

The story said, “Toobin pointed to a separate ongoing RICO case in Georgia in which jury selection took nearly 10 months, which he said bodes poorly for a speedy trial in Trump’s case.”

The election is a little more than 7 months away, so you can see why Democrats want to change subjects because all they have gotten out of Fani so far is The Mugshot That Launched Trump Back Into the White House.

Or so I hope.

After more than a year of almost endless talk about the various witch trials Democrats were setting up, the media suddenly realized this weekend the trials won’t happen. Enter the DNC to give the media one word to change the subject.


CNN reported, “President Joe Biden’s campaign latched on to Trump’s use of the word bloodbath, saying the former president ‘wants another January 6.

“‘This is who Donald Trump is: a loser who gets beat by over 7 million votes and then instead of appealing to a wider mainstream audience doubles down on his threats of political violence,’ Biden campaign spokesperson James Singer said in a statement Saturday evening.”

The flying monkeys in the media then soared into the sky to spread the word.

The media never actually covers Trump’s rallies because the crowds are too big and too enthused for the media to handle the story. Reporters instead just let the DNC randomly pluck one word out of an hour-long speech and go with it. Theirs is covefe coverage.

The New York Times, which for some reason reports bloodbath as two words, said, “Trump Says Some Migrants Are ‘Not People’ and Predicts a ‘Blood Bath’ if He Loses.

“In a caustic and discursive speech in Ohio, former President Donald J. Trump once again doubled down on a doomsday vision of the United States.”

Ah, yes, I overlooked that pearl clutching. NYT reported, “He asserted, without evidence, that other countries were emptying their prisons of young people and sending them across the border. ‘I don’t know if you call them people, in some cases,’ he said. ‘They’re not people, in my opinion.’ He later referred to them as animals.”

When the press says without evidence, it means that what Trump is saying is true but he cannot prove it, ha-ha-ha. When he later proves it, the press ignores the evidence. In 2015, he called some illegal aliens criminals and murderers. The press decried that as racist. Sadly, since then illegal aliens have since provided a more than ample amount of evidence.

But bloodbath was the not-so-secret word of the day. I am surprised when someone said the word, a duck didn’t come down and give the speaker ten bucks.

Instead, the DNC gave the word on Saturday and the Sunday morning shows all made that the story of the week. Nancy Pelosi screeched on CNN, “We just have to win this election because he’s even predicting a bloodbath.

“What does that mean? He’s going to exact a bloodbath? There’s something wrong here. How respectful I am of the American people and their goodness. But how much more do they have to see from him to understand that this isn’t what our country is about? Praising Hitler, praising the Russians, honestly, I mean, condemning our soldiers for losing or dying in war or being captured in war.”

Didn’t Gilda Radner play her as Emily Litella 45 years ago?

Never mind.

But the mishmash of thoughts Pelosi crammed into her Instant Pop-Up Rant reflects a near decade of lies tossed at Trump by the power mongers in Washington. Past lies become part of a quilt of untruths that they wrap themselves in. Pelosi comforts herself with the words she and her staff have twisted and tortured over the years. They have convinced themselves that he is evil because if he is not evil, then they are. No one — not even Satan — wants to admit that.

Of course, bloodbath was a member in good standing in the political lexicon until Trump used it on Saturday.

That Monday, Politico had reported on Republicans cleaning house, saying, “Bloodbath at RNC: Trump team slashes staff at committee.”

By making bloodbath their word of the day, Democrats shifted the news coverage away from their monumental problems in prosecuting The Donald.

The prosecutions became more difficult on Monday, when Judge Aileen Cannon, who is overseeing the Mar-a-Lago case, said that in order to prove their case, Democrats will have to show the classified documents to the jury. My guess is the documents are so benign that jurors will roll their eyes and acquit him. Documents are over-classified anymore.

In an order dismissing Trump’s call to dismiss the case, the judge wrote, “In a prosecution of a former president for allegedly retaining documents in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 793(e), a jury is permitted to examine a record retained by a former president in his/her personal possession at the end of his/her presidency and make a factual finding as to whether the government has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it is personal or presidential using the definitions set forth in the Presidential Records Act.”

Presidents are allowed to de-classify documents and the PRA allows a president to keep documents away from the paws of the civil servants at the National Archives.

But the case never was likely to go to a jury even before this ruling. The case was just political theater aimed at discrediting Trump with wild tales of stealing nuclear codes to launch atomic bombs at Red China.

And the prosecutions were the last thing Pelosi and the rest wanted to talk about on the Sunday talk shows. And so the word was sent forth by the weekend spokesman for the sleepy Biden campaign, and that word was bloodbath. The loyalists foolishly shouted bloodbath and they embarrassed themselves. Gateway Pundit reported, “Elon Musk Shames Joe Scarborough into Deleting His Bogus Tweet About Trump.”

Musk showed millions of people that logic and reasoning are superior to censorship.

As for the aftermath of bloodbath, I am fresh out of outrage and I am too lazy to go out and buy some at the store. I might if it were a topdown day but the sun ain’t shining and it’s cold. I say we take off our hearing aids and let the flying monkeys squawk.

Besides, the real story once again was not the individual words President Trump used but what he stated. He said Red China is building auto plants in Mexico to get around our sanctions on the communist regime in Beijing. That’s the news. There’s your bloodbath because not only would cheap Chinese cars do in the Detroit automakers but also all those foreign plants — Toyota, Honda, BMW, et cetera — in the USA.

But the over-the-top reaction to Trump’s use of a single word (or two, if you believe the New York Times) shows the real fear among Democrats both in and out of the media is that there will be a bloodbath in DC that will not only send Democrats packing but their Reliably RINO pals.

Now for today’s totally scientific poll, which is peer-reviewed by my cat.