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Why Dems don’t care about inflation

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Why Dems don’t care about inflation


The new inflation number came in today.

CNBC reported, “Inflation rose 9.1% in June, even more than expected, as price pressures intensify.”We know it is headed higher because the Producers Price Index already tops 10%, having hit 11.2% in March. It is just a matter of time before companies pass those rising costs on to consumers. The lag time is roughly 6 months, so double-digit inflation should arrive just before the election. 

Democrats are doing about little about it. Outside of releasing oil from petroleum reserve to tamp down gasoline prices, Democrats ignore the problem believing inflation does not matter. In fact, Democrats are trying top turn $5 gasoline into a positive by telling people to buy electric cars. Let them drive EV

Inflation does not matter to Democrats because inflation does not matter to their core constituents.

Axios reported, “Democrats now have a bigger advantage among white college graduates than they do with nonwhite voters.”

College-educated white people don’t care about inflation, not even when the price of avocado toast hit $7. 

Democrats are the party of the elitists. This explains why Democrats continue to pursue their Reichstag Fire, the protest inside the Capitol on January 6 when the FBI let a few rowdy Trump supporters inside. Chaos ensued.

The J6 hearings won’t change many votes but if you view the hearings as throwing fish to the seals, you can understand why Democrats are pursuing this. They believe the claps they hear are applause. Focusing on J6 has tanked prime-time viewership at CNN and MSNBC, which are down down 47% and 33% respectively.

Meanwhile, Fox ignored it and grew its prime-time audiences by 12%.

Will ignoring inflation work?

Axios reported, “Democrats are becoming the party of upscale voters concerned more about issues like gun control and abortion rights.

“Republicans are quietly building a multiracial coalition of working-class voters, with inflation as an accelerant.

“What’s happening: House Republicans boast this year’s class of new candidates is the most diverse in history.

“The NRCC notes that 29 of its 75 House targets have a Hispanic population over 15%.”

Axios cited a New York Times poll, which showed 41% want Democrats to win in November while 40% favor Republicans.

52% of those with college degrees and 61% of those with a graduate degree favor Democrats.

To be sure, 78% of black voters still favor Democrats, but the Hispanic vote is down to 41% as Hispanics assimilate. The Asian community will too, as will the African immigrants.

But Democrats are going upscale where LGBT rights matter but the price of gasoline does not. You are still driving one of those? Poor thing. 

Democrats are always embracing a new group, getting them hooked on voting Democrat, and then moving on to woe another group. The previous groups stay Democrat out of habit.

This time, maybe not.

In reporting on its poll, the New York Times said, “The economy may be helping Republicans most among Hispanic voters, who preferred Democrats to control Congress, 41-38. Although the sample size is small, the finding is consistent with the longer-term deterioration in Democratic support among the group. Hispanics voted for Democrats by almost a 50-point margin in the 2018 midterms, according to data from Pew Research, then President Donald J. Trump made surprising gains with them in 2020.

“No racial or ethnic group was likelier than Hispanic voters to cite the economy or inflation as the most important issue facing the country, with 42% citing an economic problem compared with 35% of non-Hispanic voters.”13% of voters are Hispanic. The Democrat advantage fell from almost 50 points four years ago to 3 points. You can see why Republicans believe they have a shot at Hispanic districts.

Democrats should be worried.

They aren’t because they have college degrees and post-graduate degrees. They know everything.  

Posted by Don Surber at 7/13/2022 11:00:00 AM