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Thursday, September 08, 2022

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: A climate change communist said climate change will bring desert-like conditions to Arizona.

Most of Arizona is in the Sonoran Desert.ITEM 2WaPo asked, “Did forecasts of an extra-busy hurricane season turn out dead wrong?”

A little betting advice: Always bet against a climate change prediction because none of them are right.

ITEM 3Townhall reported, “The kidnapping suspect accused of abducting and now-charged with murdering 34-year-old schoolteacher Eliza ‘Liza’ Fletcher, whose slain body was found by Memphis police Monday, has a previous abduction conviction and was released early from state prison in 2020, according to court records viewed by Townhall.

“Townhall’s review of 38-year-old Cleotha ‘Cleo’ Dewayne Abston’s extensive criminal history shows that he spent 20 years in a state penitentiary after he was convicted of kidnapping an attorney in a similar violent fashion back in 2000 when the suspect was age 16. Abston kidnapped Memphis-based criminal defense lawyer Kemper Durand at gunpoint on the victim’s way home from the office and demanded his car keys. Durand was then forced into the cold darkness of his vehicle’s trunk for several hours while Abston, alongside an accomplice, drove the victim’s car throughout the city. The victim was pulled out from time to time to repeatedly withdraw cash from several ATM machines and hand the money over to Abston. Durand’s assailants fled—and were later captured—when a nearby security guard aided his rescue at a Mapco gas station.”

Execution has a zero percent recidivism rate.

ITEM 4Axios reported, “A slip-up by social media giant Snap allowed leading Democratic campaigns and party committees to unwittingly tap into a vast repository of Republican voter data to hone their midterm ads, Axios has learned.”

The only slip-up was this evil betrayal became public knowledge.

ITEM 5The Telegraph reported, “Britons must never again be forced to pay exorbitant energy bills, Liz Truss will declare on Thursday as she promises more North Sea drilling and ditches the fracking ban.

“Annual energy bills will be frozen at around £2,500 for the average household both this winter and next, and green levies will be scrapped.

“Businesses will get protection from energy price rises in a pandemic-style government intervention that could end up costing more than £150 billion.

“But on Wednesday, the pound plummeted to its weakest level since 1985 on the new Prime Minister’s first full day in office as markets appeared to balk at the scale of the move to tackle bills, underscoring the financial challenges ahead.”

Fracking is back?

There is a small sliver of hope for UK left.

ITEM 6: Zion’s Bank, founded by Brigham Young in 1873, backed out of sponsoring a groomer’s event in Boise.

KIDO reported, “Zion’s Bank has announced via social media that they will not be supporting this year’s Gay Pridefest event in Boise this weekend. The Bank said that while they historically have supported the LGBTQ community, and employees, the organization will withdraw its sponsorship due to the children’s drag show that has been promoted on fliers.”

Hey, creeper, leave them kids alone.

ITEM 7: We should check Biden’s new Monkeypox Czar for monkeypox.

I whistled YMCA as I posted this.

ITEM 8Fox reported, “A new 30-second television ad released by a political committee supporting Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz blasts his Democrat opponent, John Fetterman, over a 2013 incident when he pulled a gun on a black jogger he mistakenly suspected of a crime.”

The victim says he supports Fetterman for the Senate.

As long as 90% of black people tether themselves to the Democrat Party, they as a people will never be totally free.

ITEM 9The Daily Mail reported, “Recruitment numbers for the Army are at historic lows as Americans are either too fat or criminal to join to defend the country, an Army general warned.

“Lt. Gen Xavier Brunson, the commander of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state, theorized as to why recruitment is so low following a July statement from the Army that announced it wouldn’t meet its 485,000 recruitment goal for 2022, falling short by a staggering 20,000 recruits.”

Brunson said, “Some of the challenges we have are obesity, we have pre-existing medical conditions, we have behavioral health problems, we have criminality, people with felonies, and we have drug use. This is not an Army problem, this is an American problem.”

No, actually it is an Army problem. Surrendering Afghanistan, kicking out unvaccinated soldiers and declaring that all Trump supporters are domestic terrorists sent the message that Uncle Sam doesn’t want us.

ITEM 10The Daily Wire reported, “Media giant Cumulus cut ties Tuesday with Podcast Movement, the trade association that vilified The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro last month for simply appearing at a recent trade show where he cordially greeted fans near a booth sponsored by the company he co-founded.

“Cumulus, the Atlanta-based owner of over 400 radio stations, has syndicated Shapiro’s eponymous show through its Westwood One subsidiary since 2019. The company took exception to tweets sent out by Podcast Movement apologizing for Shapiro’s presence at the August 24 event in Dallas. The tweets claimed harm had been done to event-goers simply because the conservative commentator had briefly attended.”

Good for Cumulus. May its tribe increase.

ITEM 11Geo Political Futures reported, “Germany’s foreign minister suggested this week that Germany cannot send more of its own weapons to Ukraine because it has deficient supplies. If this story is true, it means that Germany, with the largest economy in Europe, does not have the facilities to rapidly produce more weapons – despite pledging money for the production of weapons for Ukraine. The money matters, but only to an extent. The capacity of other NATO countries to provide weapons to Ukraine has production limits as well. Although the German problem was anticipated from almost the beginning of the war in Ukraine, and Germany has provided cash in place of weapons, there are several considerations.”

Once again, Trump was right.

He castigated Germany and other NATO hangers on for failing to live up to their promise to spend 2% of their GDP on the military. German spending was half that rate.

Then these dummkopf began giving armaments to Ukraine. 

The USA cutting bait on NATO would do everyone a favor as it would force Europe to defend itself.

ITEM 12The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, “Less than a day after asking for the public’s help in identifying a suspect in the stabbing death of Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German, police arrested Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles on Wednesday on suspicion of murder, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said.”

What could possibly be the motive in killing German?

The story said, “German spent months reporting on the turmoil surrounding Telles’ oversight of the public administrator’s office.

“The 45-year-old Democrat lost his re-election bid in June’s primary after German’s findings were published. German also had recently filed public records requests for emails and text messages between Telles and three other county officials: Assistant Public Administrator Rita Reid, estate coordinator Roberta Lee-Kennett and consultant Michael Murphy. Lee-Kennett was identified in previous stories as a subordinate staffer allegedly involved in an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with Telles.”

A member of an endangered species died: an Honest Journalist.

ITEM 13The Daily Caller reported, “President Joe Biden’s new senior adviser has maintained ties with a Chinese government influence operative for over 10 years, the Daily Caller News Foundation found.

“Since at least 2009, Democratic powerbroker John Podesta, former chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, has cooperated with Tung Chee-hwa and his Chinese Communist Party-backed organization, the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), according to CUSEF’s annual reports. Podesta sits on CUSEF’s ‘U.S.-China 2022 Steering Committee’ and has written at least three articles for its website since 2011 — the same year in which he appeared on the front cover of the group’s annual report.” 

Podesta is a bagman.

Democrats and RINOs are looting the federal treasury like street gangs stripping a luxury store of Rolexes and Louis Vuitton purses.

ITEM 14Zero Hedge reported, “The slowdown in Taiwan’s exports is further evidence that the risks to the global economic outlook are tilted to the downside and could imply more turmoil is ahead. 

“A statement from the Finance Ministry in Taipei said exports grew a paltry 2% in August compared with the same month last year — the slowest pace of growth since July 2020, when exports only grew by 0.3%. Bloomberg noted economists were expecting an increase of 11.6%.”

The recession continues.

ITEM 15The Washington Examiner reported, “A federal judge in Texas has ruled that a provision of Obamacare requiring most health insurance plans to cover HIV prevention drugs for free violates employers’ religious freedom.

“Judge Reed O’Connor for the Northern District of Texas sided with Braidwood Management that the provision violated the company’s rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, setting up what could be a lengthy legal battle to invalidate compulsory coverage of preventive services, including cancer screenings and flu shots.”

The government should not be in the medical business.

HEADLINE OF THE DAYKTLA reported, “Speeding woman on cocaine kills drunk driver high on meth in North Las Vegas, police say.”

Sad story. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t meth and drive. Don’t coke and drive.

COMMENT OF THE DAYAnonymous wrote, “Everything going on in CA is a man made and created disaster. From the fires, the water, the bay, the lack of electricity production, and on and on and on… California is a 24/7 man made disaster, all of which could have been avoided.”

As you scroll through the comments, remember the spam about making a billion dollars an hour is the trade-off for keeping comments unfiltered and allowing people to say their piece without having to register.

It also makes it worth all the time I spend deleting spam.


No. 12 with a bullet.

The William Randolph Hearst of the 21st century has surpassed Politico, Raw Story, HuffPo and TMZ.

FINALLY, this made me laugh and laugh. I sent it to my wife. She laughed too.

Posted by Don Surber at 9/08/2022 07:00:00 AM